Ms. Petra Taleva visited the exhibition “The cultural heritage of Bulgaria – past, present and future”

On 25 February 2014, Ms. Petra Taleva, host of the radio show “Which Way Now”, broadcasted on the Bulgarian National Radio, visited the exhibition “Bulgaria’s cultural heritage – past, present, future”, organized by Sozopol Foundation. After Ms. Taleva was introduced in detail with the exhibits she interviewed Mr. Kiril Arnautski, Chairman of Sozopol Foundation.

Ms. Petra Taleva and Mr. Kiril ArnautskiMs. Petra Taleva and Mr. Kiril Arnautski

Ms. Taleva and her radio show “Which Way Now” were awarded with a number of prizes including:
– award of National Archaeological Institute and Museum to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for publication in electronic media;
– award of Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation in category for best journalistic material on the conservation of Bulgarian wildlife;
– prize for year-round coverage of the exhibition “Made in Bulgaria” and the problems of Bulgarian manufacturers.

Mr. Arnautski invited Ms. Taleva to visit Southern Fortress Wall and Tower Architectural and Historic Complex in the town of Sozopol. She expressed her gratitude for the invitation. During an informal conversation both reaffirmed their willingness to continue working for the protection and promotion of Bulgarian tangible and intangible cultural heritage.