Bulgaria – a host of an International Forum of the United Nations World Tourism Organization in 2017

During one of the largest tourism fairs in the world – FITUR, which was held in Madrid from 20 to 24 of January, 2016, Ms. Nikolina Angelkova – Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria, has met Mr. Taleb Rifai – Secretary General of World Tourism organization.

Mr. Taleb Rifai – Secretary General of World Tourism organization,
Ms. Nikolina Angelkova – Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria
and other guests of the fair

The participants in the Bulgarian delegation held several meetings which passed in good spirit of understanding. In the meeting with Secretary General of World Tourism Organization, he pointed out that many countries are still not paying enough attention to the tourism industry as an important sector of the economy and stressed the need for coherence and strategic approach in this regard.

It was confirmed the holding of the 61st meeting of the Regional Commission “Europe” to the World Tourism Organization in 2017. The holding of such an event is characterized by great importance to the development of the tourism sector in Bulgaria, as Mr. Rifai congratulated our country for its exceptionally active activity within WTO, stressing its good image among the other members of the organization.

The future of tourism development is based on the development of sustainable tourism forms, as in recent years in Bulgaria is established and developed constructive cooperation between the government, representatives of regional and local governments, civil and non-governmental sector in the field of sustainable tourism and the implementation of measures to improve people’s lives through economic role and importance of tourism and its multiplier effect on other sectors of the economy.

Sozopol Foundation, as a leading international NGO in the field of conservation of natural and cultural and historical heritage, as well as in carrying out activities for sustainable development of the tourism industry operates and will continue to work actively in the field, as it will cooperate with all necessary approved methods and approaches as well as with innovative ones for the successful conduct of the future world event. Bulgarian international NGO has established good partnerships with the World Tourism Organization.

Part of the results achieved by Sozopol Foundation
under the safeguarding the natural and cultural heritage

This year the World Tourism Organization disseminates special informational edition reflecting best practices and accents used for accessible tourism. There is information about Sozopol Foundation in the edition that informs and presents the main objectives and activities of the organization for sustainable tourism development through preservation of natural and cultural and historical heritage, as well as providing an accessible environment for people with disabilities.

Panoramic photo of the old town of Sozopol –
Archaeological reserve “Ancient city of Apollonia”