Meeting of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee in Paris, France

On February 12, 2016 in Paris was held the first meeting this year of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee. The event was attended by all members of the Committee as well Ms. Sabina Colombo – Chief of “Relations with governmental and non-governmental organizations”. Bulgaria was represented by Mr. Kiril Arnautski, Chairman of Sozopol Foundation and Ms. Violeta Tsankova, international relations expert, via skype connection.

Ms. Violeta Tsankova, international relations expert at Sozopol Foundation
before the beginning of the meeting of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee

During the meeting of the Committee was made an overview of the organization’s activities during the past year, as well as it was presented its contribution to achieving the priorities and objectives of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural / UNESCO /. The NGO sector in partnership with UNESCO plans in 2016 to conduct two major forums:

    Forum for Peace – at this stage it is provided the event to be organized at the end of May – beginning of June 2016. World peace is possible only through unity and solidarity of all people in their efforts to achieve it and for this purpose the members of the Liaison Committee have taken all necessary actions to enable a large number of organizations and NGOs worldwide to take part in it.
    Forum on Environment – it is provided that it will be held in the month of November 2016 in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Both forums will be of crucial importance worldwide. The non-governmental sector and civil society will again express practically their active work in the direction of achieving top priorities of UNESCO.

During the meeting more significant topics were discussed, as during the current year it is provided to be held an International Conference of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee. At this stage it is provided the Conference to take place around the first half of the month of November. Ms Sabina Colombo proposed the Conference to be held from 7th to 9th of November, 2016.
Sozopol Foundation made a proposal to their colleagues from the Committee to organize the external meeting in Bulgaria in 2016. The Committee gave its approval for such an event as the dates are yet to be fixed.

Sozopol Foundation, as an international non-governmental organization continues to work actively and its willingness to hold a meeting in Bulgaria is dictated by the ability to illustrate on site what efforts are done on site in Bulgaria, in partnership with Government, local authorities, civil society and NGOs, to preserve natural and cultural heritage and to achieve sustainable development. In this regard, during the meeting on 12th of February, Mr. Patrick Gallaud, a representative of the Association Francophone d’Amitié et de Liaison /AFAL/ expressed a proposal to be held a forum in Bulgaria, as the topic will be dedicated to cultural heritage. The representatives of Sozopol Foundation and their colleagues have agreed Liaison Committee to propose the topic of the forum, after which to be held and external meeting of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee in Bulgaria.