Sozopol Foundation continues its philanthropic work

Following its policy of carrying out active work in order to preserve and promote the natural and tangible and intangible cultural heritage, traditions and customs, Sozopol Foundation submit for use free of charge hall 3.3. “Wonders of Bulgaria”, where is displayed the exhibition “The cultural heritage of Bulgaria – Past, Present and Future”, located in the National Palace of Culture.

On 09.04.2016 at 12:00 pm in the hall was presented the poetry collection “Freedom” by engineer Galya Simeonova. The publication is first for the author in the field of poetry. In her poems, she recreates in artistic fashion events, experiences, stories from friends and the purest human relationships in modern society. The book of poetry has collected love, dreams, happiness, sadness, compassion, admiration. All of that she collects and describes in its own way, said with one word “Freedom”.

The event brought together over 100 guests, by during the presentation of the work they had the opportunity to explore and get acquainted with the exhibited models of symbolic values of the Bulgarian natural and cultural heritage represented in the exhibition of Sozopol Foundation.