Public discussion on topic „Wonders of Northwestern Bulgaria. New opportunities for development of cultural and historical tourism and economy in the region“

On 04.11.2016 at the invitation of Ms. Slavka Bozukova, Chief editor of “Standard” newspaper, Mr. Kiril Arnautski – Chairman of Sozopol Foundation and prof. Violeta Nesheva – scientific consultant at Sozopol Foundation attended the Public discussion on topic: „Wonders of Northwestern Bulgaria. New opportunities for development of cultural and historical tourism and economy in the region“, organized by “Standard” newspaper within the national campaign “Wonders of Bulgaria 2016″.

Leading goal of the discussion was finding opportunities for optimal utilization of the positions that Bulgaria could win at international level, preserving and promoting natural heritage, cultural heritage, museum work as well sustainable development of the state. During the event were presented the cultural and historical wonders of Northwestern Bulgaria – a region exceptionally rich in natural attractions and monuments – as well as initiatives for their development as tourist attractions.

The event was hosted by the mayor of Vratsa – Mr. Kalin Kamenov. Chief Editor of “Standard” newspaper Ms. Slavka Bozukova opened the event by stressing the need for legislative changes in order to realize the objectives and achieve the expected results. Ms. Tsetska Tsacheva, Chairperson of the National Assembly, who also was among the participants in the discussion, stressed the importance of bringing together the efforts of all for the future sustainable development of Northwest Bulgaria.

Minister of Tourism, Ms. Angelkova highlighted the full use of the possibilities of organizing exhibitions and expositions abroad, representing the Bulgarian natural and cultural heritage, which is an important moment in its promotion.

The discussion was attended by representatives of regional and local authorities, representatives of the tourism industry, scientists, historians, archaeologists, as well as representatives of NGO sector and civil society. In her speech prof. Violeta Nesheva stressed the importance of the projects that are under development by Sozopol Foundation, concerning “Baba Vida” Fortress and the building of “Vidin Synagogue” in the town of Vidin, as well the exceptionally active work of Ms. Slavka Bozukova for the promotion of Bulgarian Heritage.

In the other speeches it was highlighted the importance of cultural and historical tourism and pilgrimage tourism as new opportunities for economic development in the region.

The debates provided an opportunity to exchange useful ideas, extraction of best practices for effective cooperation at local, regional and national level in the process of preservation and promotion of the Wonders of Bulgaria in the region.