National Palace of Culture with new vision

National Palace of Culture (NPC) is an emblematic building, both for the city of Sofia and the Republic of Bulgaria. It is a national cultural center dedicated for conducting and organizing conferences, exhibitions and special events. NPC is the largest convention center in Southeast Europe and has 13 halls, different in size.

The palace that will have a new vision is where the office of Sozopol Foundation is located, on the 7th floor, in Hall 3.3. “Wonders of Bulgaria”.

For this purpose a project is under development, envisaging the construction of water cascades, gardens with decorative lighting, modern flooring and more. At the end of 2015 – beginning of 2016 was successfully performed an architectural survey of the building and installation of engineering systems by a team led by architect Lyubomir Stanisłavov. A complete renovation of the Palace, modernization of water cascades, gardens with decorative lighting, modern flooring and others are envisaged.

Over the years a number of changes to the iconic building were carried out. Some of these changes were made without observing the overall impact over the building and its engineering infrastructure, which changes the impact in the interior, the lighting level and their visual relation to the environment.

With the project, prepared by the team of architect Lyubomir Stanisłavov, is envisaged NPC to acquire a new and different appearance, which, in turn, will cause interest and desire among both locals and foreign guests of Sofia to visit this emblematic place.

By increasing the flow of visitors and tourists to the NPC, implementation of such a project will help ensure that more people will have the opportunity to visit the national exhibition “The cultural heritage of Bulgaria – Past, Present and Future”, established by Sozopol Foundation in 2012. The exhibition is located at NPC, on floor 7, in Hall 3.3. “Wonders of Bulgaria”, and in order to get there visitors can use elevators №1 and №2, at the left of the main entrance of the NPC. The exhibition presents models and photographs of iconic Bulgarian natural and cultural sites. The main part of the exhibition is devoted to Bulgarian sites, part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, but there’s also focus on other significant immovable cultural values that are presented.