Discussion on “Sustainable Development Goals: A Better World by 2030.” featuring Mrs. Irina Bokova

On May 19, 2016 at the Hilton hotel was held a public discussion, related to a very topical and necessary subject, regarding the sustainable development goals. In the discussion participated Mrs. Irina Bokova – Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Sozopol Foundation, as an international non-governmental organization strongly committed to maintaining sustainable development and active involvement of young people in activities to protect the natural and cultural heritage, as well to provide an accessible environment for people with disabilities to that heritage, also took participation in the person of its Chairman, Mr. Kiril Arnautski. The international NGO with extensive experience in successful projects, virtually proves that sustainable development can only be achieved when efforts are united and a constructive partnership has been established between the government, civil society and the NGO sector. During the event, Mr. Arnautski had the opportunity to discuss with other proven experts opportunities for joint work and cooperation, with a view of improving the economic and social situation of the population and achieving the very needed sustainable development.

The discussion was opened by Mrs. Gergana Passy – President of PanEuropa – Bulgaria. It was also attended by Mr. Mark Donfried, Director and Founder of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin; prof. Arch. Boyko Kadinov, Vice President of COBATY – Genéve, Mrs. Evgenia Peeva, CEO of Teach for Bulgaria; Ilina Mutafchieva – UN Association of Bulgaria; Nayden Rashkov, President of AIESEC Bulgaria, etc.

Namely the possibility of initiating a public discussion on Sustainable Development Programme 2030 is crucial for the use of best methods and practices established over the years, as well as innovative ones for achieving sustainable development. In the foreground was deduced the need for cooperation between government, local authorities, NGO sector, civil society, and especially active work and waking consciousness of the younger generation towards achieving and maintaining sustainable development.