Celebration of the 20th anniversary of Terazid Ltd.

On June 4, 2016 at the National History Museum was celebrated the 20th anniversary of one of the leading manufacturer of high-quality paints, plasters and insulating materials – Terazid Ltd. At the invitation of the jubilee company, the event was attended by Mr. Mitya Dimitrov, a representative of Sozopol Foundation.

Sozopol Foundation, as a very actively working nongovernmental organisation, for the protection of natural and cultural heritage, as well as for the provision of accessible environment for people with disabilities, has extensive experience in successfully developing and implementing international projects, concerning significant natural and cultural sites in the Republic of Bulgaria. Besides the good and constructive partnership that the Foundation has built with representatives of local authorities, other nongovernmental organisations and civil society organisations, as an international non-governmental organisation it has established and is maintaining constructive partnerships with a number of companies in the field of manufacturing, among which Terazid Ltd takes leading position.

Within the working process over the years, Sozopol Foundation relies on the services of its partner Terazid Ltd. for the usage and incorporation of construction materials in the implemented conservation and restoration activities at sites of local, national and global importance. Mr. Mitya Dimitrov presented a gift to the hosts and personally to Mr. Rosen Stankov, Manager of Terazid Ltd. The two held informal conversation in which both expressed gratitude to each other for the fruitful work and expressed readiness for continuation and development the partnership in the future between the two organisations.

Mr. Rosen Stankov and Mr.Mitya Dimitrov during the celebration