Opening of the Ethnographic Museum of Sozopol

On July 16, 2016 was opened the Ethnographic Museum in the town of Sozopol. The event was attended by the Mayor of the town of Sozopol, Mr. Panayot Reyzi, representatives of the City Council and guests from Hungary, Mr. Кiril Arnautski, Chairman of Sozopol Foundation, residents of Sozopol, tourists from Bulgaria and abroad. The opening ceremony of the Ethnographic Museum was held in the beautiful yard of the cultural site of “national importance”.

The functioning Ethnographic Museum is one of the results of project “Sozopol – preserved cultural heritage and cultural identity through the ages”, funded under the Programme BG08 “Cultural heritage and contemporary arts” under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (2009-2014). Sozopol Municipality was beneficiary of the project with Sozopol Foundation as project partner. The overall implementation of the project, with the joint efforts of the partners, contributes to the sustainable development of tourism in the area. In the museum are displayed exhibits related to local crafts, practiced for thousands of years, that determine the appearance of life and culture of the polis of Apollonia – Sozopol – fishing, production of wine and salt, metal production and metalworking, logging and wood processing, construction, pottery, textiles, clothing and other.

The building of the Ethnographic Museum, Sozopol

The event was opened by Mr. Reyzi, the Mayor of Sozopol Municipality. With his speech, he welcomed all the guests and emphasized the great importance of the museum for the development of the town of Sozopol and the border region. It will offer to the guests, visiting the oldest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, the opportunity to combine their holiday with visits of cultural events, interesting places, historical sites and others.

Mr. Panayot Reyzi, Mayor of Sozopol Municipality, welcomes all guests
on the occasion of the opening of the Ethnographic Museum

The event continued with traditional performances by Thracian Society “Yani Popov” from the town of Sozopol. The Bulgarian folklore, as an integral part of the traditions, customs and the culture of our country, through the performance of the Society supplemented the atmosphere of preserving the national identity and the sense of pride as Bulgarians.

Artists of Thracian Society “Yani Popov” at the event

After the official ceremony on the occasion of opening of the building of Ethnographic Museum, the attendees had the opportunity to meet other guests.

Mr. Panayot Reyzi, Mayor of Sozopol Municipality and
Mr. Kiril Arnautski, Chairman of Sozopol Foundation in casual conversation

At the end of the program was organized a visit to the museum, thereby attendees had the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich ethnographic heritage of Sozopol and the region, gathered in the building of the cultural site.

Footage of the exhibits displayed in the Ethnographic Museum