Consideration of the candidacy of Sozopol Foundation for obtaining consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC)

On 21 April 2017 Sozopol Foundation was informed by Marc-Andre Dorel, Acting Chief, NGO Branch, that the examination of its application for consultative status at the Council would be held during its 2017 Resumed Session in New York, scheduled for 22-31 May, 2017.

UN Building in New York, USA

During the Resumed Session of the United Nations Economic and Social Council Sozopol Foundation will be presented by Mr. Boris Arnautski – International Relations and Projects Expert at the Foundation.

The Committee on Non-Governmental Organisations will meet in Room 1 every day from May 22 to May 31.

Conference Hall 1 of the UN Economic and Social Council

Sozopol Foundation, as the first Bulgarian non-governmental organisation, official partner of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), with two consecutive mandates as a member of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee, carries out its active international activity in the direction of preserving the world’s natural and cultural heritage and providing an accessible environment for people with disabilities to this heritage.

The UNESCO building in Paris, France

The objectives and activities of Sozopol Foundation to improve the economic and social well-being of people in all countries of the world are fully in line with those adopted by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of ECOSOC:
– Division for sustainable development
– Social Development Division
– Population division

To all identified and implemented goals and activities Sozopol Foundation actively promotes, popularizes and represents the enormous importance and role of the United Nations in ensuring the realization of these so important for the people and nature global tasks, that increase the impact of the UN for supporting the countries to achieve the Goals of the Millennium for Development.