Sozopol Foundation – participant in the study of the European Foundation Centre “Institutional philanthropy – focus on disabilities”

In August 2017, The European Foundation Centre, Brussels, Belgium, issued a special printed edition entitled “institutional philanthropy – a focus on disability”.

Cover page of the printed edition “institutional philanthropy – a focus on disabilities”

The publication contains information gathered through research and survey amongst the partners of the European Foundation Centre worldwide. Surveys include information about partners – foundations and international organisations – about the funds devoted for the implementation of the projects; about the place of implementation of these projects; their duration; about final beneficiaries; as well as additional brief information on relevant organisations in the form of past projects, field of activity, a website and more.

The publication sheds light on established profiles of stakeholders who fund and support people with disabilities. There are examples of initiatives and projects related to:
• Accessible tourism section (Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca, Sozopol Foundation);

Summary of the project of Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca

Summary of the project of Sozopol Foundation

• Community and place-based funding (Fondazione CRT, Genio, Karuna Foundation);
• Corporate social responsibility section (Fundacion Bequal);
• Education and training section (Academy of European Law; Dutch Foundation for Disabled Children (NSGK); Fundacion Derecho y Discapacidad; Fundacion Juan XXIII Roncalli”; Leopold Bachmann Foundation; King Baudouin Foundation);
• Network-building section (Abilis Foundation; Fundacion ONCE);
• New technologies section (Fundacion Vodafone Espana; Hallatlan Foundation; International Foundation of Applied Disability Research);
• Rehabilitation section (ICRC MoveAbility Foundation);
• Rights section (Disability Rights Fund; Fundacion Cermi Mujeres; Sabanci Foundation);
• Social enterprise section (Fondazione CON IL SUD);
• Strategy development model section (Essl Foundation; Mozaik Foundation).

For Sozopol Foundation, its inclusion in this printed edition is a great honor, responsibility and occasion for joy. This is another testimony that the well-done job over the years has been appreciated in dignity. The publication is distributed among all partners of the European Foundation Centre. The benefits of this are the exchange of experience and the sharing of best practices between partners.