First informational meeting covering operational program “Regions in Growth” 2014-2020

1_1024x516 On 9th of November, 2018, in Vidin, was held the first informational meeting to promote investment in tourism and the urban environment provided through financial instruments under operational program “Regions for Growth” 2014-2020.

2_1024x712 3_1024x768 “Baba Vida” Castle Vidin Synagogue

At this important event, concerning the Vidin Municipality and the two emblematic real cultural property ​​- Baba Vida Castle and the Vidin Synagogue, attended Mrs. Denitsa Nikolova – Minister of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Mrs. Amelia Gesheva – Minister of Culture, Mrs. Irena Georgieva – Deputy Minister of Culture Minister of Tourism, Mr. Vladimir Toshev – Member of Parliament, Mr. Ognian Tsenkov – Mayor of Vidin Municipality, other guests and representatives of the public, business and non-governmental sector.


All attendees were acquainted with the main aspects of the Program, the opportunity for municipalities to participate with their own projects to contribute to their sustainable development and prosperity.

5_1024x575Statement by Ms. Denitsa Nikolova – Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works
6_1024x575 Statement by Ms. Irena Georgieva – Deputy Minister of Tourism
7_1024x575 Statement by Ms Amelia Gesheva – Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture

The Mayor of Vidin Municipality, Mr. Ognian Tzenkov, expressed personal thanks to Mr. Kiril Arnautski – President of Sozopol Foundation, for the long-term work and support of the Foundation to the Municipality through the documentary security of Baba Vida Castle and the Vidin Synagogue.

8_1024x647 9_1024x575 Mr. Kiril Arnautski, President of Sozopol Foundation Mr. Ognian Tzenkov Mayor of Vidin Municipality

The audience in the representative hall of Vidin Municipality was unanimous and fully supported the Operational Program “Regions for Growth” 2014-2020. The program gives real opportunities to preserve, maintain and expose the emblematic real cultural properties of the Municipality of Vidin and Republic of Bulgaria – “Baba Vida” Castle the building of the Vidin Synagogue. The mayor of Vidin Municipality pointed out that these activities are one of the priorities of the municipal management for the present and the next programming periods.

10_1024x676 11_1024x682 “Baba Vida” Castle Building of the Vidin Synagogue