Participation of the Sozopol Foundation at the 2nd International Congress of World Civilizations and Historical Routes

On November 15 and 16, 2018, Mrs. Nevena Arnautska, Member of the Board of Sozopol Foundation took part in the Second International Congress of World Civilizations and Historical Routes.

1 Miss Nevena Arnautska

The event was organized by the World Tourism Organization together with the Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Bulgaria and was held in the Royal Hall of Sofia Hotel Balkan. The Congress brought together ministers of tourism of various world destinations, stakeholders from the public and private sectors around the world, as well as specialists and experts employed directly or indirectly in the sector of cultural tourism.

At the opening of the event, with the leading actor and director Niki Iliev, took part the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Boyko Borisov, Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization, and the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mrs. Nikolina Angelova. At the very beginning of the congress, they highlighted the crucial role of cultural tourism in achieving prosperity and sustainable development of global destinations.

2 Statement by Ms. Nikolina Angelkova – Minister of Tourism

In the context of an enhanced globalization process and in the context of the dynamic development of international tourism, it is of the utmost importance to place emphasis on promoting sustainability in the tourism industry. During the organized meetings and panel discussions, Ms. Nevena Arnautska, expert national and international projects at the Sozopol Foundation, held constructive talks with a number of representatives of the state authorities, national tourist organizations, representatives of the private sector, organizations for managing destinations , consulting companies in the field of tourism and culture as well as with other non-governmental organizations active in promoting cultural tourism. As representative of the young generation in Bulgaria, Ms. Arnautska stressed the need to engage the young people in our country towards the pursuit of sustainable tourism development by providing the opportunity to offer a complex tourist product.

By invitation of Ms. Nikolina Angelkova, Mrs. Nevena Arnautska, together with Mr. Blagovest Metodiev, IT Specialist at the Sozopol Foundation, attended a gala dinner organized on the 15th of November. It took place in the Concert Hall of the Central Military Club.


Specialists to the international NGO have had the opportunity to exchange ideas for established good practices and innovative ideas in the field of cultural development, cultural heritage conservation and cultural tourism promotion. As a result of the discussions held with a number of experts, including Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yordan Yordanov, lecturer at the University of Forestry, Mrs. Lilyana Arsova, Chief Director of the Directorate General for Tourism Policy at the Ministry of Tourism, etc. Miss Arnautska and Mr. Metodiev, together with their interlocutors, highlighted the need to build constructive partnerships between state authorities, local authorities, specialists working in the scientific community, non-governmental sector and civil society in order to develop cultural tourism and affirming Bulgaria as a world tourist destination.