Participation of the Sozopol Foundation in simulation job interviews conducted by TELUS International Europe for students at the University of National and World Economy

On 28 November, simulatory interviews were conducted by students from the Department of Tourism Economics at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, by representatives of TELUS International Europe. The event was actively attended by Mrs. Simona Todorova, expert at the Sozopol Foundation.

1 Simona Todorova, and representatives of TELUS International Europe in a casual conversation with students from the University of National and World Economy

TELUS International Europe is a multilingual contact center that provides high quality outsourcing services to business processes. In their capacity as specialists in the selection of staff for different economic sectors, the representatives of the international company took the role of interviewers. Students, on the other hand, answered their individual questions in connection with a candidacy for a pre-defined position in the field of tourism.

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During the whole event, Simona Todorova assisted the interviewers and took an active part in the formulation of the questions.

The objectives of the simulation interviews were:
• Acquiring experience in the students when conducting a job interview;
• Learning about the communication label;
• Building communication skills;
• Learning the most frequently asked questions during an interview;
• Use of phrases relevant and recommended for use;
• Establishing common mistakes when applying for a job and methods of avoiding them.

The event was conducted in a fully practical way and for the benefit of the trainees. Students have acquired and mastered the knowledge and skills to apply in the process of applying for a job. After all the interviews, the youth community was given the opportunity to ask questions and get advice on aspects of an interview that were not affected. Simona Todorova and the representatives of TELUS International Europe gave the answers and directions in the discussion.

The discussions, discussions and interviews will be implemented by the Sozopol Foundation in the implementation of its activities under the project “Cultural Heritage Entrepreneurs – CHEER”, № 2018-1-DE02-KA204-005102, financed under the Erasmus Program + “Of the European Union.