Participation of Sozopol Foundation in the international conference of non-governmental organizations, official partners of UNESCO, performed on 17-19 december 2018 in UNESCO, Paris


On 17 December 2018, the International Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations, official partners of UNESCO, was opened in Paris. One of the main topics of the conference was “Raising and promoting the commitment and contribution of UNESCO’s NGO partners”.

2 Hall № 6, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris

The International Conference was attended by Mrs. Petya Zelenski, a representative of the Sozopol Foundation – a non-governmental organization in formal partnership with UNESCO.

3 Mrs. Petya Zelenski, representative of the Sozopol Foundation

During the Conference sessions, Mrs. Zelenski made a brief statement presenting the active international activity of the Sozopol Foundation. After her speech, all attendees greeted her and expressed satisfaction with the Foundation’s activity, wishing success in her future work at national and international level.

Mrs. Zelenski met and spoke with Mrs Sabina Colombo, a representative of the UNESCO Secretariat, representatives of NGOs in formal partnership with UNESCO and others.