“Institute for digital renewal of cultural heritage and modernization of cultural tourism products and services”.

The Sozopol Foundation has established this Institute together with its long-term partners. The main purpose of the newly established Institute is: Expanding adult entrepreneurship opportunities and creating innovative business models for cultural tourism through digital educational tools based on the methods and principles of modern, connective pedagogy and psychology.
This organizational step is driven by the deepening unemployment among the adult population in the regions of the European Union and the world, despite the presence of many cultural and natural resources. In parallel, opportunities will be created to enhance the quality of authentic and unique tourist products and services related to the knowledge of cultural artifacts.

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A guarantee for the successful functioning of the new educational institution is the very good expertise and a great deal of knowledge of selected partner organizations:

    Center for Intercultural Education and Work, Germany;
    Creative Ideas Association, Latvia;
    Educational Center – Adult Education, Greece;
    Center for Multicultural and Tyrolean Integration, Austria;
    Millennium Center Association, Romania;

the types of cultural heritage, contemporary life and the degree of socialization of cultural values, local crafts, folk arts, life and culture.

3 4 5 Architectural and Historic Complex “Southern Fortress and Tower”


7 8 Cultural and Information Center at the entrance of the National Archaeological Reserve “The Ancient City of Apolonia”

9 10 Exhibition “Cultural Heritage of Bulgaria – Past, Present, Future”

11 Model of Rila Monastery

The Sozopol Foundation, as an NGO in a special consultative status with the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations, has participated and made commitments to the established working group on aging, set up to the Department with President HE. Martin Garcia Moritán, Permanent Ambassador of Argentina to the United Nations.

The rich experience in exhibiting and managing the cultural heritage can be described and presented with the many realized projects and projects in realization:

Currently the Sozopol Foundation is successfully involved in the implementation of the Project: „Entrepreneurs for Cultural Heritage” /CHEER-Cultural Heritage Entrepreneurs/ – Ref. № 2018-1-DE02-KA204-00510”.


The project focuses on identifying the level of competence and complementing the acquired professional skills and knowledge of the unemployed people from the social group of the adult population as well as the opportunities for launching social entrepreneurship.

Along with the implementation of the activities under the current project, the Sozopol Foundation started the development of a new project proposal named:

“Digital education for European cultural heritage as a generator of social entrepreneurship”.

The new project proposal focuses on linking intellectual and educational products to the digitization of the tourism industry, in particular to cultural tourism and the potential of entrepreneurs, regardless of their geographic location, to the Single European Digital Market.