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Boyar’s House Architectural and Historical Complex– a Palace of the Rulers of Melnik

The Boyar’s House in Melnik is a unique monument of the medieval residential architecture not only within the Bulgarian lands, but also on the Balkans. It is one of three emblematic monuments in this historical town. It was built in two stages by the most prominent rulers of the town – Despot Alexius Slav from the Bulgarian royal Assen dynasty (the first decades of 13th century) and Despot Constantine Dragas, who was a relative of the tsars from the Assen dynasty, with the Serbian tsars from the Nemajic dynasty, and with the Byzantine emperors from the Palaeologan dynasty (the last quarter of 14th century). It was inhabited until the beginning of 20th century. In 1701, among the ruins of its old donjon tower, the Clock Tower was built – a symbol of Melnik from the National Revival Period.

The project contemplates thorough restoration, conservation, and socialization of the Boyar’s House.

Boyar’s House, Melnik Boyar’s House, Melnik