Conservation, restoration, adaptation and socialization of a building, located in UP VI-441, district 37 of a plan of Sozopol – Cultural Center in the Archaeological Reserve “The Ancient City of Apolonia”.

Implementation period 2014 ÷ 2015 years. Funding of the project is provided under the European Union program; Sozopol Foundation; Primorsko 2004 Foundation.
The complex is located in a strategic location – the entrance of the National Archaeological Reserve “The Ancient City of Apolonia”.

1 2 Picture from the church
“St. St. Cyril and Methodius”
Photo from to DIK building,
the harbor

The conservation and restoration works of the buildings have been carried out according to a prepared technical design and the requirements of the National Institute for Preservation of Real Cultural Heritage at the Ministry of Culture have been met.
They are preserved in their full appearance and volume of the facades of the buildings, the joinery is made of naturally dried Strandzha oak.

The internal space and distribution are fully compliant with all modern requirements for their defined function and activities.
On the basis of a prepared and coordinated technical project with: Ministry of Culture; National Institute for Real Cultural Heritage; RIEW – Burgas; EVN, Water Supply and Sewerage – Burgas; Sozopol Municipality and issued a Building Permit by the Municipality of Sozopol, the central entrance to the complex from the main street of the National Archaeological Reserve, the ancient town of Apolonia, Apolonia Street, through a watch tower dated from IV – XII century:

3 4
Drawings from a coordinated technical project for entering a complex from the main street
of the “Apollonia” Reserve

The enclosed drawings with input distribution and input space of a coherent technical design clearly show the significance of the object.

This is a unique solution that has no analogue in the European Union. Worldwide, several such solutions for approaches combine history and present in a wonderful, functional way.

Complex architectural structures and artifacts from the 3rd century BC to the present day have been discovered and exhibited in the archaeological excavations. All this is shaped in a suitable way, so that the guests of the complex can touch and familiarize themselves with the centuries-old history of Apolonia – Sozopol.