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Architectural and Historical Reserve Baba Vida Castle – the Danube gate through millennia

The Baba Vida Castle is located on the bank of the Danube River and is the only medieval defence facility and ruler’s residence that has been preserved until present time in its full architectural volume.

Romans, in their days, appreciated the strategic advantages of the location and erected on it one of the most important fortresses to function as a Danube gate to the Balkans. Appreciating its significance as a key military and trade point, the Balkan rulers and those of the countries from Central Europe waged wars against one another in order to gain hold of the fortress.

The rich history of Vidin is a very significant part of the history of the Bulgarian lands over the centuries, which is comparable and inextricably bound up with the history of the capitals Pliska, Preslav, Ohrid, and Veliko Tarnovo.

The project envisages finalization of the archaeological studies, conservation, restoration, establishment of a new information centre, provision of accessible environment for people with specific needs, and socialization of the complex.

Architectural and Historical Reserve Baba Vida Castle, Vidin Architectural and Historical Reserve Baba Vida Castle, Vidin