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Monastery of St. Nikolay the Wonderworker in Sozopol – centre of spirituality and faith

During archaeological studies of the space in front of the main entrance of the Sozopol Fortress, ruins of an unknown medieval church were discovered in the southern wall of the fortress. It is 8 meters away from the entrance and 12.5 meters away from the present-day temple of St. St. Cyril and Methodius. Supposedly that was the main church of the Sozopol Monastery of St. Nikolay the Wonderworker, known from written sources. This monastery is associated with the exile, at the beginning of 11th century, of the Byzantine Empress Theodora because of her relation with the last ruler of the First Bulgarian Empire, Presiyan II.

The construction of the temple is thought to have occurred during 9th – 11th century, and the reconstruction – in 13th century. At a later stage – the end of 14th – 17th century, after a fire, the church was entirely reorganized into a tomb church and the entire interior was used for family burial sites, and the central altar conch was turned into an ossuary.

The project includes conservation, restoration, installation of lighting and socialization of the Church of St. Nikolay the Wonderworker, construction of pertaining infrastructure, and provision of accessible environment for people with specific needs.

Church of St. Nikolay the Wonderworker, Sozopol Church of St. Nikolay the Wonderworker, Sozopol