Foreign ambassadors visited “Southern Fortress Wall and Wower” in Sozopol

On June 3, the ambassadors of the Kingdom of Morocco, HE Ms. Latifa Akharbach, and France, HE Mr. Xavier Laper de Cabanne visited the complex “Southern Fortress Wall and Tower” of the ancient town of Sozopol.

They expressed admiration for the act of “Sozopol” Foundation on the restoration and conservation of heritage. Their Excellencies specifically highlighted the Foundation’s work on the construction of an accessible environment for people with disabilities to cultural and historical richness of the city.

The museum in the architectural complex “Southern Fortress Wall and Tower” Mrs. Akharbach opened the exhibition “Contemporary Moroccan Artists” in the presence of diplomats, the management of the municipality, the forum participants’ Sozopol – ancient and timeless, alive and accessible to all” representatives of local NGOs and students.

Moroccan Ambassador offered a cocktail party at the museum, where visitors of the exhibition taste delicious Moroccan cuisine.