Mrs. Audrey Azoulay – The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Director-General on an official visit to the Republic of Bulgaria

By the invitation of Mr. Rumen Radev – The President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mrs. Audrey Azoulay – UNESCO Director-General, was on an official visit to our country on the 23rd and 24th May. On May 23, they met, discussing a number of issues related to the activities undertaken by UNESCO and the active participation of the Republic of Bulgaria in them.

Mrs. Audrey Azoulay and Mr. Rumen Radev

During the day, the UNESCO Director General held a lecture on “UNESCO and the Challenges of the 21st Century” at the Sofia University Aula.

The building of Sofia University

Before the beginning of the lecture, Mrs. Audrey Azoulay was represented by the Rector of the University – Prof. Dr. Anastas Gerdzhikov.

Prof. Dr. Anastas Gerdzhikov

During the lecture in front of the crowded aula, Mrs. Azoulay presented very thoroughly the basic and global guidelines on which the World Organization actively works with the help of the member states and the non-governmental sector.

In the hall as an official guest, invited by the Sofia University leadership,


was Mr. Kiril Arnautski – Chairperson of Sozopol Foundation – a Bulgarian NGO with consultative status with UNESCO.

4 5 Mrs. Audrey Azoulay The aula with the invited guests

In an informal conversation after the lecture, Mrs. Audrey Azoulay and Mr. Kiril Arnautski discussed the importance of the World Organization and the activities of the non-governmental sector in the world, and in particular the great activity of Sozopol Foundation,

Mrs. Audrey Azoulay, Mrs. Ivelina Kyutchukova and Mr. Kiril Arnautski

Mrs. Audrey Azoulay expressed his gratitude as Director-General of UNESCO for the activities and good involvement of Sozopol Foundation in all initiatives of the World Organization.

On 24 May, Mrs. Audrey Azoulay took part in the celebrations and events organized in honor of the two primary school teachers, St. St. Cyril and Methodius, who created the Bulgarian alphabet, which served as a basis for many other Slavic nations.


One of the events held in the intensive program of Mrs. Audrey Azoulay and Mr. Rumen Radev was their visit to the National Museum of History.

Meeting with an old Bulgarian custom

Together with the permanent exhibitions and exhibits, the high guests were acquainted with the specially prepared exhibition of the Spiritual Mirror Association with Chairperson Mrs. Tatyana Kostadinova.

Mrs. Audrey Azoulay, Mr. Rumen Radev and Mrs. Tatyana Kostadinova

In the exhibition were presented works of: Creative workshop from the town of Chiprovtsi, Creative workshop from the town of Sevlievo, Creative studio “Fairy world” – Sofia, Creative studio from the village of Kurtovo Konare

11 12 Creative workshop from the town of Chiprovtsi Creative workshop from the town of Sevlievo

13 14 Creative studio “Fairy world” –
Creative studio from the village
of Kurtovo Konare

During the visit, Mr. Kiril Arnautski introduced Mr. Rumen Radev with the active work of the Foundation, as the first Bulgarian NGO in a consultative partnership with UNESCO. Mr. Arnautski invited Mr. Radev to visit the town of Sozopol and the Southern Fortress Wall and Tower Architectural and Historical Complex, a world tourist destination, created by the Foundation. Mr. Radev expressed his admiration for the active work of Sozopol Foundation at national and international level and accepted the invitation.

Mr. Kiril Arnautski, Mrs. Ivelina Kyutchukova and Mr. Rumen Radev

After the guests had a look at the exhibitions and exposures, a photo of all of them was taken.

The participants in the exhibition of Spiritual Mirror Association with Mr. Kiril Arnautski, Mr. Rumen Radev and Mrs. Audrey Azoulay

Before leaving, Mrs. Audrey Azoulay wished Mr. Kiril Arnautski a greater successes to the Foundation as an consultative partner of the World Organization.