The Sozopol Foundation, in official partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), is ready with its 2019 reporting activity.

The Sozopol Foundation’s Active Activity Report for 2019 is ready to be submitted to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Sector for Non-Governmental Organizations.

The first Bulgarian non-governmental organization in formal partnership with UNESCO – Sozopol Foundation submits its 2012 annual reports. Each year, following the priorities of UNESCO, the Foundation presents its active national and international activities through a Report to the World Organization. This activity of the Sozopol Foundation does not remain unnoticed by the leadership of UNESCO. Purposeful letters from:

•Mrs. Audrey Azule – General Manager

•Mr Ernesto Otone – Deputy Director-General for Culture

•Mr Firmin Edward Matoko – Deputy Director-General for Africa and external relations

•Mr Tim Curtis – Secretary of the 2003 Convention and Head of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Sector

confirmed the active national and international activities of the Sozopol Foundation.

In 2019, the activities of the Sozopol Foundation were fruitful and diverse. The bright ray that accompanied the Foundation team was the satisfaction with the implementation of the activities under the Project: Chiprovtsi Carpets, World Heritage – Generation Property ”. The project was funded by the World Organization’s 2018-2019 Participation Program and co-funded by the Sozopol Foundation. Thanks to the financial assistance and logistical support of UNESCO, this element of the world’s intangible cultural heritage has been promoted worldwide. For the correct and accurate implementation of the project activities, Sozopol Foundation submitted an evaluation report and a financial report to UNESCO.