A project developed in partnership between the Sozopol Foundation, the Republic of Bulgaria and the Essaouira-Mogador Association, the Kingdom of Morocco is applying for a UNESCO Participation Program

On June 30, 2020, the Project: “Sozopol and Essaouira – wide open doors between two civilizations” was presented under the Participation Program 2020-2021 at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The two non-governmental organizations have set for the implementation of activities in line with the main objectives and UNESCO Directives.
The planned project activities will be performed in the town of Sozopol, Republic of Bulgaria during the International Art Festival “Apollonia”


and the city of Essaouira, Kingdom of Morocco, during the Gnaoua International Arts Festival.


Expected results from the project implementation:
•promotion, support, development and preservation of cultural diversity;
•raising awareness, by promoting and raising the profile of UNESCO, based on the active work of the World Organization.
•Promoting the financial participation of UNESCO. Achieved compliance of the project activities with the adopted ethical standards of the World Organization;
•Prominent and visible achievement of gender equality – one of the two UNESCO Global Priorities;
•Capacity of a number of young people in preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage;
•Strengthening the role of the world’s intangible cultural heritage as a factor for mutual understanding between peoples, improving dialogue between them as a “living force for peace”;
•The importance of the intangible cultural heritage for the establishment of national identities will be emphasized, as well as its role for achieving sustainable development – national, cross-border and international, through its maintenance and preservation for future generations.

The experience of the two non-governmental organizations in the projects implemented so far is a guarantee that the project proposal: “Sozopol and Essaouira – wide open doors between two civilizations” will be performed correctly, with high professionalism and will have the necessary sustainability.