Review from Romania for Architectural and Historical Complex “Southern Fortress Wall and Tower”

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Today I was able to visit your website, it works properly, as you wrote me, and I must tell you that I am deeply impressed with your work and what you have done to restore and preserve this amazing place. Double bravo! I am fascinated by ancient history, Roman, Byzantine and now Thracian, and I must say that after Istanbul and Rome I found two more amazing places I am already in love with – Sozopol and Nessebar, two impressive museum cities. I travel to these places with my little daughter, to whom I present the ancient history, not only on book, not only from the site, but also on the spot. That is why every time we have the opportunity we visit a historic town, on the spot, as we did last year in Sozopol. My first information about you is from the point of interest of Google Maps in Sozopol, but I guess there are many more things to see and that is why we want to return to Sozopol and visit the places we missed. I am so happy to have found your amazing article in section “News” on the website about the work of your foundation to discover and preserve the rich cultural heritage and I can only imagine how exciting it is to discover an ancient object or building remains hidden in the ground after many years……Thank you again for your work and your care for world history and heritage!

Hats off!

Greetings from the country of Dracula, Romania!
Irinel Dobrisor.